SO Excited about Find Your Genius!

Ohmagosh friends!

I could not be more excited about this website that I’ve just finished because this organization is SOOOO very cool and SOOOO very needed!!! 

As a former teacher and as a Mom of a very bright (but often bored in school) child, I have some very passionate beliefs about our school system.  I rarely share them (because I loathe confrontation) but here goes 😊 Don’t worry – I won’t be going into detail!

1.     Our system is antiquated.

2.     Students do NOT learn the same so why do we expect them to?

Nebraska (1).png

3.     Most students CANNOT excel in every subject so why do we expect them to? Sub point – think of the last party that you went to.  Did everyone in the room do the same thing for a living?  Did everyone in the room share the same interests?  Was everyone in the room good at the same things?  Can you imagine how boring life would be if we were all the exact same person?  Gag.

4.     As a technology teacher, I found that when I allowed the students in my classroom to present the material that they learned in their own ways, they ALL did amazing! Giving kids the ability to explore their own thinking process and express their ideas in unique and creative ways can be extremely empowering for them and enlightening for us adults! I learned from my students ALL the time!

5.     Not every student needs to go to college.  If there is one thing that I’ve learned as a Squarespace Expert – as I talk to people from literally all over the world in literally hundreds of industries – it’s that this world is ginormous!  The possibilities for these students’ futures are endless and the world is changing right in front of our eyes!  When I was a kid, I wanted to be a teacher or a rock star. 😊 I love watching the minds of today’s student’s churn as they realize that they are not limited to the career choices in the college course catalog… they can literally create their future if they are just given a little freedom to explore and the right kind of guidance to keep them on track.

Okay, enough of that. 

So, here is why I’m so excited about being a part of this project…

The Find Your Genius Challenge (by Symphony Workforce) is a unique industry challenge for high school and college students. 

Basically, students sign up in teams of four (only two from each group can be from the same school so it truly encourages collaboration). There will be three types of challenges to choose from:

-        a “DE-RE” construct challenge where they can take something apart and rebuild it into something amazing.

-        an Invent challenge where they get to explore an invention idea or possibly a business

-        a Design/Build challenge where they get to create an amazing space of their choosing. 

The challenges are much more specific but the details won’t be announced until sign up is complete so that everyone hits the ground running at the same time.

During the challenge, they get to not only collaborate with one another but they get to bring on mentors to guide them and offer feedback.  How cool is it that? 

There is actually a fairly large prize bucket that they groups will be competing for a piece of with the Governor of Nebraska presenting the awards!

This just makes me so happy!  Emma was the kid that had three business ideas by sixth grade and had a cardboard mock up of one of her businesses – complete with wallpaper and furniture 😊  I personally know other kids that can take apart and/or build just about anything (Brook Cooke!).  These bright minds deserve an opportunity to explore these ideas and benefit from the involvement of industry and community leaders. 

Can’t wait to watch this thing grow!  Please check out the site at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter using @FindURGeniusNE

If you know of any high school or college kids in Nebraska that might want to participate, please send them our way!  The spots will be limited for this first challenge so they will want to stay ahead of the game!!! 

September 16thSign Up!-500 high school spots available-200 college spots available-Form your 4-person team (Remember only two people from the same school allowed!)-Pick your challenge category.png
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Picasso's Napkin Wisdom!

Holy wow! This has been a difficult one for me. I am a servant by nature. I was raised to believe that we should always help others. I’m a Christian and helping others is what we do. SOOO many things play into the mindset that has for years led me to undercut my value. I’m pretty certain that a lot of you are right there with me on this one!!! Well, guess what? It’s okay to recognize our worth! It’s okay to charge what we’re worth! If you struggle with this concept like I do, find affordable ways to help others while maintaining your worth (think online courses and Coaching Calls)! Ever heard of Picasso’s Napkin Wisdom in Experience and Pricing? CLICK BELOW!!! 👊🏻When you dream big and work hard, it’s okay to celebrate and honor how you’ve gotten there! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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Create Your Own 404 Redirect Page!
404 Redirect.PNG

404 Error messages occur when a page on your website has been deleted or the URL slug has been changed. They can be confusing - and even scary for an end user and may lead to them not being as confident with your site.

Creating a Custom 404 Redirect page can help instill confidence as well as help to boost your site’s SEO!

Watch this video to see how to create your own!

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Get Google Reviews!

Getting Google Reviews can be a task. You can give the very best product or service and people totally agree to give you a great Google Review but then never really get around to it. Let’s face it - it can be daunting for most of your customers. It’s a task that they will procrastinate and unfortunately probably put off forever - unless they’re upset about something and then they want to tell the whole world! Argghhhhh!

But, what if they could use a link that you email out directly with a “Thank You” email?

And/Or, if that link could be embedded on your website so that you could just say (right then and there with them in front of you) “Hey, hop on my website and leave me a review super quick please!” .

“If you build it, they will come” Hahahahah! But, it’s true! Make it easier for them to show you some love!!!

Check out these instructions from Google:

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Computer Running Slow?

Reboot your productivity by cleaning out your computer this Spring! Organize your files and folders. Our computers need to be cleaned out annually just as bad as our closets and garages! Dedicate one afternoon this month to your computer! Get yourself organized!

Delete junk files.

Delete duplicate files.

Delete old files and programs not being used.

Backup photos and videos to an external hard drive (like a WD Passport)

Empty your Recycling Bin!!!

You might consider going through your programs as well to see if any of those can be deleted. This can be a bit of a daunting task, so feel free to enlist some professional help. However, make sure that it is a reputable company! You don’t want just anyone in the “guts” of your computer. Ask friends and family for recommendations.

And if you REALLY want to get organized, check out the ReMarkable Tablet HERE

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Hobby into a Jobby?

 🤣 Seriously though - I’ve never subscribed to that late 90s “You can do anything you set your mind to” mentality. It’s not realistic! However, everyone has at least one thing that they’re really, really good at! And, chances are, they LOVE doing it. THESE are the things that can become your #Jobby or maybe even your full time gig! If you’re unhappy with your professional situation, give this post some serious thought. Maybe it’s time to try something on the side and see if it sticks!

check out this video for some more inspiration!

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Content Creation - 16 in 60s

Looking to create your own Social Media content? Feeling stuck and lacking inspiration? Why not try 16 in 60s?


This is a technique that I used to use when I was a K-8 Technology Teacher. I created an exploratory class that was basically a news channel designed to educate, inform and entertain. We had a segment titled 16 in 60 in which the “reporter” interviewed a staff member or parent. The interview consisted of 16 questions being “fired at” the recipient in a 60 second time span.

The questions can be just about anything - but really shouldn’t be stuffy or serious.

You can shoot the video on your smart phone (make sure that you turn the phone sideways!) and upload it immediately to Social or use the Live feature in FB! If you want a more polished/branded result, edit the video and add a title/logo/call to action.

The result? The interviewee is slightly caught off guard and you get a real, authentic glimpse of them!

Imagine how this could affect your own Social Media! Research has shown that videos catch users attention more than 75% more effectively than static images or link shares. So, you’ll get their attention with the video - and you’ll keep it because you are giving them something fun and quirky to watch! ANNNDDDD… they will get to know you/your employees/your clients/whomever you decide to interview!

The questions can be just about anything -

“Who was your favorite superhero as a child?”

“What is your Go-To ice cream flavor?”

“What’s your least favorite chore?”

If you need help with the questions, shoot me an email at and I’ll happily share my list of questions from my old teaching days :)

Check Out My Home Page!

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Welcome to Nerdville

“God Takes Care of the Good” - my husband loves to say this and it always makes me smile.  I like to think I’m “good” :)

- the one thing I know for sure is that He indeed always takes great care of me.  One of the great little gifts that He’s given me recently is Ms. Abby.

We met through a mutual friend a couple of years ago. We had a blast together -  then discovered that we were both complete nerds and proceeded to completely geek out the rest of the evening on tech stuff.  I continued to beg Abby to join me in my little nerdy Internet Marketing world and several months ago, she did :)

Abby started her own business, REACH, and has taken over the Social Media side of things - but - lo and behold, Abby has a knack for this website stuff too!  She’s been tackling a lot of website design projects and is  killing it!  She has earned her Squarespace Circle member badge and is taking on her own clients.  Woot Woot!!!  I’m absolutely loving all of this because it gives me one more thing to geek out with her on PLUS it helps me ensure that all of the Omaha peeps are taken care of since I no longer do local website work! 

This partnership has truly been a blessing in more ways than one! So, Abby and I are officially creating our own little Nerdville - where we help people slay Internet Marketing and build their small businesses. You’re always welcome to pop into ThriveSpace and say Hello but be prepared - you never know what kind of shenanigans you might encounter. 

#Blessed #Nerdville #Squarespace #InternetMarketing #KCPhotography

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I love this testimonial!!!

When you're working on a website for a super fan with an iconic product - and the subject of that fandom is the legendary and (beyond cool) Keith Richards - and you are given this compliment - it's a HUGE honor! I flipping love this testimonial!!! 🤘😍🙌

#KeefsBracelet #ElegantlyWasted

Jen Maher - Testimonial  (2).png
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Did You Know???

Mobile devices make up for 2/3 of internet traffic right now! That means, that if your website is not mobile responsive (adapts the content to fit each device) the you could be seriously hurting your online presence! And - even if your website IS mobile responsive, it may not necessarily be providing a good user experience! Your content can (and should) be arranged in a way that is visually appealing and easily accessible on mobile devices!

JmC Expert.png
Jennifer Maher

He who marvels at the beauty of the world in the Summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in the Winter. - John Burroughs

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Over 4 Billion People!

With over 4 billion people in the world using the internet, you’d be wise to ensure that your website is up to date - just saying! :)

JMC for Insta (5).png
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The Fempreneur Fair is Coming!

You guys! This event is so close and I’m getting so excited! We will have two amazing guest speakers, a Q&A session with 6 awesome female entrepreneurs and 10 vendors that can help you get motivated, get organized and get off to a great start in 2019!!! Tickets are almost gone so get yours now!

Fempreneur Fair - Inspiring.png
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Let's Work!

Next Tuesday, January 15th, I will be working from Fala’s Coffee Shop in downtown Elkhorn. This will be a work day to work on MY OWN BUSINESS - I think we all too often set our own marketing aside - I am 100% guilty of this! So, I thought, why not take a day to work on some email marketing, some social media posts, gather my thoughts for 2019! And, why not encourage others to do the same! If you need a work day to get caught up on your own marketing, please come by Falas! They have amazing treats and you can even reward yourself with a little shopping when you’re done!

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