Welcome to Nerdville

“God Takes Care of the Good” - my husband loves to say this and it always makes me smile.  I like to think I’m “good” :)

- the one thing I know for sure is that He indeed always takes great care of me.  One of the great little gifts that He’s given me recently is Ms. Abby.

We met through a mutual friend a couple of years ago. We had a blast together -  then discovered that we were both complete nerds and proceeded to completely geek out the rest of the evening on tech stuff.  I continued to beg Abby to join me in my little nerdy Internet Marketing world and several months ago, she did :)

Abby started her own business, REACH, and has taken over the Social Media side of things - but - lo and behold, Abby has a knack for this website stuff too!  She’s been tackling a lot of website design projects and is  killing it!  She has earned her Squarespace Circle member badge and is taking on her own clients.  Woot Woot!!!  I’m absolutely loving all of this because it gives me one more thing to geek out with her on PLUS it helps me ensure that all of the Omaha peeps are taken care of since I no longer do local website work! 

This partnership has truly been a blessing in more ways than one! So, Abby and I are officially creating our own little Nerdville - where we help people slay Internet Marketing and build their small businesses. You’re always welcome to pop into ThriveSpace and say Hello but be prepared - you never know what kind of shenanigans you might encounter. 

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Jennifer Maher