Content Creation - 16 in 60s

Looking to create your own Social Media content? Feeling stuck and lacking inspiration? Why not try 16 in 60s?


This is a technique that I used to use when I was a K-8 Technology Teacher. I created an exploratory class that was basically a news channel designed to educate, inform and entertain. We had a segment titled 16 in 60 in which the “reporter” interviewed a staff member or parent. The interview consisted of 16 questions being “fired at” the recipient in a 60 second time span.

The questions can be just about anything - but really shouldn’t be stuffy or serious.

You can shoot the video on your smart phone (make sure that you turn the phone sideways!) and upload it immediately to Social or use the Live feature in FB! If you want a more polished/branded result, edit the video and add a title/logo/call to action.

The result? The interviewee is slightly caught off guard and you get a real, authentic glimpse of them!

Imagine how this could affect your own Social Media! Research has shown that videos catch users attention more than 75% more effectively than static images or link shares. So, you’ll get their attention with the video - and you’ll keep it because you are giving them something fun and quirky to watch! ANNNDDDD… they will get to know you/your employees/your clients/whomever you decide to interview!

The questions can be just about anything -

“Who was your favorite superhero as a child?”

“What is your Go-To ice cream flavor?”

“What’s your least favorite chore?”

If you need help with the questions, shoot me an email at and I’ll happily share my list of questions from my old teaching days :)

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Jennifer Maher