Get Google Reviews!

Getting Google Reviews can be a task. You can give the very best product or service and people totally agree to give you a great Google Review but then never really get around to it. Let’s face it - it can be daunting for most of your customers. It’s a task that they will procrastinate and unfortunately probably put off forever - unless they’re upset about something and then they want to tell the whole world! Argghhhhh!

But, what if they could use a link that you email out directly with a “Thank You” email?

And/Or, if that link could be embedded on your website so that you could just say (right then and there with them in front of you) “Hey, hop on my website and leave me a review super quick please!” .

“If you build it, they will come” Hahahahah! But, it’s true! Make it easier for them to show you some love!!!

Check out these instructions from Google:

Jennifer Maher