Picasso's Napkin Wisdom!


Holy wow! This has been a difficult one for me. I am a servant by nature. I was raised to believe that we should always help others. I’m a Christian and helping others is what we do. SOOO many things play into the mindset that has for years led me to undercut my value. I’m pretty certain that a lot of you are right there with me on this one!!! Well, guess what? It’s okay to recognize our worth! It’s okay to charge what we’re worth! If you struggle with this concept like I do, find affordable ways to help others while maintaining your worth (think online courses and Coaching Calls)! Ever heard of Picasso’s Napkin Wisdom in Experience and Pricing? CLICK BELOW!!! 👊🏻When you dream big and work hard, it’s okay to celebrate and honor how you’ve gotten there! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


Jennifer Maher