I use Squarespace to build customized websites for my clients.  One of the benefits to using a hosting site like this is that we have access to 24/7 free technical and design support.  You will never need to worry about your site crashing or "going down".  Additionally, they stay current on the ever changing algorithms and adjust things on the "back end" of the site so that our websites are as current as possible.  Lastly, they are super easy to navigate once the shell has been made!  Going into your site and adding an employee or updating a photo for instance will take you minutes and is as easy as navigating Powerpoint! In order to have access to all of this wonderfulness, you will pay a hosting fee.  As an Authorized Trainer, I am able to pass on a 20% discount to my clients for their initial payment. This brings the fee to $115 or $173 per year depending on the type of site that you have. *eCommerce sites have a higher hosting fee - please contact me for more details.