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I’m stuck & I just need some help

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My approach is a little different because I am a Squarespace Authorized Trainer in addition to being a Squarespace Expert.  So, I offer many options. Of course, I offer full website design but I also love doing Coaching Calls! I find that many clients can achieve the goals they want just by scheduling one or two Calls with me.  We work via Zoom Meeting (webinar). So, you are involved in all of the decision making and you're also learning as we go!

Depending on your needs, we can hop on a quick thirty minute Call to tweek some minor details, an hour long Call if your list is a little more extensive, we can take 2-3 calls to tackle ALL the good stuff (SEO, marketing, etc) or you can even subscribe to monthly Coaching Calls to ensure you’re ahead of the game! Most clients begin with one Call and then we determine if we need to add more sessions.

PRICING: $80 for 1/2 hr, $150 for Full hr



Click the link below to schedule a Discovery Call if you’d like to chat more. If you’re ready to dive right in, please message me on 99 Designs. Through 99 Designs, I will give you a link to schedule your Call and a Coupon Code so that you only need to pay through the Squarespace Marketplace/99 Designs.

I’m starting from scratch or need a “redo”

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As a Squarespace Expert, I professionally design and style beautifully robust, yet affordable Squarespace websites - whether we’re starting from “scratch” or doing a website migration or website “redo".

However, I’m also an Authorized Trainer and I feel very strongly that my clients should not just have an amazing website – they should fully understand how to edit and update their website as well as utilize the built in marketing features within the platform.  For this reason, I complete every project with a training webinar.

In this session, we will fine tune some of the design and styling details of the site as well as review how to edit your content and use the marketing features.  This webinar is recorded and shared with you so that you can review it in the future should you need to “refresh your memory”. We’ll follow up a month later too just to make sure all is well!

PRICING: Please click HERE



Click the link below to schedule a 15 minute Discovery Call. In this call, we will discuss your vision and goals for your site, your timeline and determine if I am the right designer for you! This Discovery Call will be completed via Zoom Meeting so that you can see my computer screen while we chat.

I need a designer but I’m on a tight budget

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Nerdville is a magical place. Where creative yet analytic minds come together to rejoice in all things Squarespace!

I started Nerdville to address two needs that I saw:

  1. Clients that needed an affordable solution but still deserved quality design and service

  2. Helping Fellow “Nerds” like me that wanted to learn everything there was to know about Squarespace website design and Internet Marketing

When you work with the Nerds in Nerdville, I will be working alongside the Nerds on your project Plus, your project will finish with a one hour Coaching Call/Training with me so that we can finalize styling and ensure that you’re happy!

PRICING: Varies. Full Design Starting at $500



Click the link below to check out the nerdiest (and most awesome) girls I know! If you are interested in working with one of the gals, please feel free to reach out to them directly. You are also welcome schedule a Discovery Call with me at https://JenMaher.as.me/Discovery


Please Note: All contracts, payments, etc. MUST take place through the Squarespace Marketplace/99 Designs Portal!