Hi! I’m Jen!

I am a former Marketing Manager turned K-8th grade Technology teacher turned Social Media Marketing Specialist - WHO - just happened to be building websites during that entire 20 year span! Mix all of that experience together and you’ll see that Divine Intervention has brought me to this place in my life - where I am able to help entrepreneurs take control of their Internet Marketing - CONFIDENTLY!

I fell in love with the Squarespace platform in 2017 and at this point, have built over 70 websites. As a trainer/teacher by nature, I believe in putting the power in my clients’ hands. That’s why every website design/build ends with customized training. I record this training and embed it on a private page on their website. This allows them to revisit their customized training any time they need a “refresher”.

Personally, I split my time pretty evenly between the midwest USA and Baja California Sur with my pupreneur office assistant (Skittle), my husband (Maurie) and our daughter (Emma) as often as we can get her to tag along!

I dedicate Tuesdays & Thursdays as Design Days. This means that I am available for communication on Monday-Wednesday-Friday between 9-5 (CST).

As a Squarespace Expert (with the official badge!), I work through the Squarespace Marketplace courtesy of 99 Designs. If you’d like to chat with me about designing your website, please invite me to work HERE.

If you are just looking for a little “Nudge” to help you get your Squarespace site and/or Internet Marketing where you want it, please schedule a Nudge Coaching Call HERE