Nerdville is a magical place. Where creative yet analytic minds come together to rejoice in all things Squarespace!


How did Nerdville come to be?

I had a need! My business was growing and there were just so many amazing to clients to help! I couldn’t possibly do it all on my own and - while I still need to be the lead designer and trainer on all of my projects - I recognize that there are many tasks throughout this creative process that can be shared with other like minded creatives! At the same time, I was finding myself talking to other women, college students, all sorts of individuals that were searching for something more - a way to make some extra money, something to dive into and get excited about, a way to (dare I say) be their own boss! So, Nerdville came to be.

Where is Nerdville?

Inside Thrive Space in downtown Waterloo, Nebraska. This environment is perfect for us - filled with other entrepreneurs and pretty dang visually appealing!

How do I “Get Nerdy” and join Nerdville?

First, attend an Info session and see if this is something that appeals to you/is a good fit for both of us! My next session is Tuesday, July 2nd from 6-7pm at ThriveSpace.

Will I make money?

Yes! If you are accepted into the program, you will be assigned projects to work on with me and you will be paid when the project is complete and the client has signed off on the project!

How much will I get paid? How much will I work?

This depends! Each project is unique and the tasks that you will perform on each task will be unique. We will discuss each project, what is involved and what you will earn before you begin working on it. In general, you can expect to complete 1-2 projects per week with each project paying $250-$500. Each project should take you roughly 10 - 20 hours to complete. You will get better and faster as time passes though!

Can I work remotely or do I have to come into Thrive Space?

You can work remotely but you will be expected to come in weekly for your project brief. I would highly recommend that you work alongside me though so that I can help you with tips and tricks along the way! We will soon be taking over a new office space - with so much more room for activities - you will have your very own nerdy work space to call home!

Will I be employed by Jen Maher Consulting?

No. You will be an “Independent Contractor” I will provide you with a 1099 at the end of the year. You will be responsible for your own taxes.

What are the prerequisites?

To be a “Junior Designer”, you must have no fear of technology and a generally understanding of all things nerdy. It is not imperative that you know Squarespace, but it is helpful! Any kind of website building experience that you have is a plus but it’s not a deal breaker if you are starting from scratch - you may just require more training!

Training? There’s training?

Yep! As a Squarespace Authorized Trainer, I will give you access to all of my training videos plus complete as much face to face training as you need to ensure that you feel solid about the whole process! I also get “the inside scoop” from Squarespace so we will all meet monthly to discuss changes within the platform, best practices, things we’ve learned, etc. All of the training that you receive is free of charge!

So, What do you say? You wanna get nerdy with me? Please RSVP below to let me know that you will be attending the info session in July!

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