Coaching Calls

One on one Zoom webinars are a fantastic way to work on your website with an Expert’s eye. Whether it’s tweeking design elements or setting up/understanding how to utilize the built in marketing features, you’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish in an hour! Click HERE to schedule a Call with me!



The nerds at Nerdville and I LOVE to get nerdy with our friends! Whether you want to work on your own website or would like to learn how to design super awesome Squarespace sites, our workshops are pretty amazing if you’re in the Midwest US! Not near us? Let us know! There’s a very good chance that we could bring a workshop to you! #DigitalNomads :)


Free Training!

I have several Playlists on my YouTube channel - from Squarespace Basics to SEO, Marketing and just about every other topic that my followers would like to learn more about!

Squarespace Provided
Resource Links:

Squarespace has ridiculously good support. Not just by phone, email and chat - they also provide their clients with incredible resources through their website. Each topic links seamlessly through the information/process and should completely get you taken care of. However, if you need something and don’t have time to learn/do it yourself, just give me a call. my hourly rate is just $150/hr!

 How to Upgrade Your Squarespace Website (Make It Live) HERE

How to Increase Your Site’s Visibility on Search Engines (Groundwork SEO) HERE

Understanding Squarespace Analytics HERE

Using Images & Video in Your Squarespace Website HERE

Pages and Content Overview HERE

Squarespace Integrations HERE

Third Party Customizations HERE

Squarespace Analytics Mobile App HERE

Squarespace Mobile Blog App (Not just for blogging!) HERE

Squarespace Commerce App HERE

Organic Social Media Marketing Course

This content might be a bit outdated as I don’t update it regularly any longer, but - there’s still some really great stuff in here! If you follow the PDF guides and watch the video tutorials, you can learn how to create and curate your own content and really reach your target audience! When combined with the built in marketing features within Squarespace (especially the blog feature that allows you to push content!), this course can really help jump start your internet marketing presence!