Next Workshop!

My next workshop is coming up soon! I already have two fabulous business owners attending and only allow five per session so sign up soon! For more information:

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Jennifer Maher
I love this testimonial!!!

When you're working on a website for a super fan with an iconic product - and the subject of that fandom is the legendary and (beyond cool) Keith Richards - and you are given this compliment - it's a HUGE honor! I flipping love this testimonial!!! 🤘😍🙌

#KeefsBracelet #ElegantlyWasted

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Jennifer Maher
Did You Know???

Mobile devices make up for 2/3 of internet traffic right now! That means, that if your website is not mobile responsive (adapts the content to fit each device) the you could be seriously hurting your online presence! And - even if your website IS mobile responsive, it may not necessarily be providing a good user experience! Your content can (and should) be arranged in a way that is visually appealing and easily accessible on mobile devices!

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Jennifer Maher

He who marvels at the beauty of the world in the Summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in the Winter. - John Burroughs

Jennifer Maher
Over 4 Billion People!

With over 4 billion people in the world using the internet, you’d be wise to ensure that your website is up to date - just saying! :)

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Jennifer Maher
The Fempreneur Fair is Coming!

You guys! This event is so close and I’m getting so excited! We will have two amazing guest speakers, a Q&A session with 6 awesome female entrepreneurs and 10 vendors that can help you get motivated, get organized and get off to a great start in 2019!!! Tickets are almost gone so get yours now!

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Jennifer Maher
Flow - here I come!

Loving the peace and tranquility here this morning! - and the coffee! Feeling some major productivity coming my way! Woot Woot!   

I Heart Trouvaille Omaha!  

Jennifer Maher
Let's Work!

Next Tuesday, January 15th, I will be working from Fala’s Coffee Shop in downtown Elkhorn. This will be a work day to work on MY OWN BUSINESS - I think we all too often set our own marketing aside - I am 100% guilty of this! So, I thought, why not take a day to work on some email marketing, some social media posts, gather my thoughts for 2019! And, why not encourage others to do the same! If you need a work day to get caught up on your own marketing, please come by Falas! They have amazing treats and you can even reward yourself with a little shopping when you’re done!

Jennifer Maher