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Friday, March 15th

Trouvaille Omaha

from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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Website Building Workshop

Have your website “built” by a Squarepace Authorized Trainer and use the workshop to add your content & do your groundwork SEO while I guide you through the whole process!

$150 for workshop registration plus Squarespace Hosting Fees (Learn More HERE)

*This is not an official Squarespace event*

This class was awesome! I highly recommend Jen. She makes it easy to understand and is very knowledgeable and helpful.
— Susan R. - Omaha
I can’t thank Jen enough for the amazing workshop we had with her! She shared so many great ideas, and her hands-on approach really helped us create exactly what we needed for our business! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for the perfect personal or business use website. Jen is an expert in this industry!
— Kara D. - Omaha, Nebrasak


What to Expect!

Prior to attending the workshop, you will be doing a little “homework” by completing a two page worksheet. The information gathered will allow me to understand your unique needs as a business and help me to create an initial “shell” for your website. In the workshop, you will learn how to upload photos, edit the text and completely customize the style of your website. This workshop will be a combination of lessons followed by work time with one on one assistance from me as well as collaboration time with other attendees to get the perspective of others’.

This is a great option for creating a brand new website OR for updating a current website (we actually just build a new one and transfer the domain name seamlessly). Whether it’s a brand new website or a website refresh, you will have a fully functional, mobile friendly, website that looks amazing and engages your visitors!

You will leave the workshop with all of the tools that you need to complete your website content (unless you get it done in the workshop, which many attendees do!). You will have videos to support you and you will have an extended trial period (rather than the standard 30 day trial period, you will have a 182 day trial period) because you are working with a Squarespace Authorized Trainer!

We will spend the last hour of this workshop working on groundwork SEO for your site and exploring the Blog, Email Marketing and Data Analysis features within your new website!

*Your site will be hosted by Squarespace which charges a minimal, monthly hosting fee. As an attendee of my workshop, you will receive a 20% discount on these fees on your initial payment. For more information, please click here.

One Month Post Workshop - Private Coaching Call

We will hop on a 30 minute webinar so that we can review your website data and compare it with your Facebook data. At this point, you can ask questions, get feedback, tell me dumb jokes - whatever you want! It’s your time!!!

These workshops are centered around Individualized Attention so my workshops are capped at 5 attendees!